Who am I?

Free Spirit. Traveller. Adventurer.

Outdoor Enthusiast. 

Daughter. Sister. Life Long Friend.

Photographer & Visual Artist.


I can label myself with as many different titles and qualifications as I’d like you to see, but truthfully I am just me.


A human being, trying to find a way to express myself in this world.


Art allows me to do just that. 

Having grown up in a small community along the North Shore of Lake Superior, my photography pursuits blossomed from a love of the land surrounding my home. While spending time exploring the outdoors, I began by taking close up photos of plants in an attempt to learn all of their names. 

Eager to experience more from life, I prioritized travel at an early age and have lived in an ungrounded way for the past 10 years. Never spending longer than a year living in a home (or a few homes), always with my camera in hand.

Over the years I have acquired quite a collection of memories and I am over the moon excited to finally share some of my artwork with family and friends.

This nomadic lifestyle has blessed me with some pretty unforgettable moments, along with its challenges and life lessons. It's given me the time and the creative freedom to slowly develop my photography skills while diving head first into many different ways of life. 

I am grateful for the connections made and the opportunity to learn from so many amazing people along the way.


Aside from the incredible love and support from friends and family (and the worlds sweetest chocolate lab), what has kept me grounded all these years is a quiet faith in the kindness of other people and knowing that no matter where I go in the world nature is always a constant.


 It’s taught me that change is a beautiful thing, for a flower cannot bloom if it remains the same.

Today I reside on Vancouver Island.

 Having slowed down a bit, I now find much enjoyment in exploring my own backyard. There is so much to be seen through noticing the finer details of life, and I am grateful for this gift of being alive to experience them.

What inspires me most? 



Stopping to appreciate the wonders of this planet has taught me the importance of slowing down and enjoying the present moment.​ 


Living life through a camera lens allows me to capture the beauty I see all around.


Over the last couple of years visual art has played a big role in helping me find a sense of calm during a stressful period. It’s something that brings me joy, and a way through which I can deeply explore beautiful planet earth.


Whether it's a lovely flower, an unforgettable sunset or beautiful soul, I hope to inspire others to see the world through their own unique lens.


 I appreciate you taking the time to read this if you’ve made it all the way here.


Thanks for listening,