Who am I?

Free Spirit. Traveller. Adventurer. 

Outdoor Enthusiast. 

Daughter. Sister. Life Long Friend.

Photographer & Videographer.

I am made from all the people I've encountered and all the things I've experienced so far in life. 

I grew up in a small Northern community, along the north shore of Lake Superior.


As a child I found comfort within the wild blueberries, junipers and old growth cedar along the coast. These are my roots.


The sound of the roaring waves as my lullaby. The feeling of hot sand on my feet followed by the cooling sensation of freshwater on my face. The fear and appreciation that comes with recognizing the power held within a large body of water.


Today I am very thankful for these roots that were instilled at such a young age, because they’ve sent me on a path to discover the world through an open mind and an open heart. 


Throughout my life I’ve made the conscious effort to experience the world around me through travel.


From the ruins of Angkor Wat, to the cobble lined streets of Europe, and the boreal forest that surrounds my home. Here I've found education, different from your typical classroom. I’ve also crossed paths with, and learned from so many amazing people along the way (thank yous).


As human beings we have the ability to nurture our minds through connection and experience. I like to call this intuitive learning, as I believe the world offers unlimited education to those who can listen.

But what does that really mean?

To listen.


To listen is with not only your ears, but also your heart. This is a skill that cannot be taught, but awoken. We all have the power to see the world through an open heart, and I am here to help you find it within yourself.

What inspires me most?


Living life through a camera lens allows me to capture the beauty I see all around me.

Whether it's a lovely flower, an unforgettable sunset or beautiful soul, I pour my creativity into every project I take on hoping to inspire others to see the world in their own unique way. 

I look forward to connecting with you.

Brittany Anne



Victoria, BC   |  Tel: 1705-989-7936