The Art of Boudoir

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

"Show me the most damaged parts of your soul, and I will show you how they still shine like gold" - Nikita Gill.

There's Strength in Vulnerability

To be comfortable in the raw expression of who you are is a gift I’d love to give every being on this planet. To feel at ease within themselves would eliminate the need for external validation, allowing untethered love to flourish.

That’s what this world needs right?

More love.

A love that is accepting, understanding and unconditional.

I really enjoy boudoir photography because it gives me a chance to show someone the love and acceptance I believe their body deserves, and allows me to connect with another person in a way I normally wouldn’t.


Today's world can be unkind, and it's easy for our perception of ourselves to become blurred through our own self doubt, by comparing ourselves to other people or even by being tarnished by someones careless words.

My job is to create a safe environment, where you feel free to explore different aspects of your persona and document each moment as your walls slowly break down over the course of a session. Your comfort is my priority during this time.

It's a chance for me to help rewrite the way you see yourself by showing you what you look like through my eyes. In doing so, I feel it is truly a honour to witness as your vulnerability becomes your power.

Each boudoir session I've done has been completely different from the others, reminding me that every body is unique in it's own way.

EveryBody is beautiful.

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