The Healing Power of Creativity

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

The word creativity finds its origins in the latin translation “creatus”, meaning “to have grown.” While we are all born into a different life circumstance, each individual is solely the creator of their own self and the life they’d like to lead. On a grand scale through innovation and imagination, the human species has created a magnificent world which reflects our true nature. We are all artists.

What is Art?

My favourite answer thus far is a quote by actress Helena Bonham Carter stating; "I think everything in life is art. What you do. How you dress. The way you love someone, and how you talk. Your smile and your personality. What you believe in, and all your dreams. The way you drink your tea. How you decorate your home. Or party. Your grocery list. The food you make. How your writing looks. And the way you feel. Life is art.”

Art and Mental Health

While art is highly valued concept in our society, there is a social stigma around mental illness that directly correlates with artists of all kinds.

A life lived by world famous painter Vincent Van Gogh is proof that some of the most beautiful things come from a place of pain. He wrote, "it’s only too true that a lot of artists are mentally ill. It’s a life, which to put it mildly, makes one an outsider. I’m alright when I completely immerse myself in work, but I'll always remain half crazy."

Bravery and courage can be found through allowing oneself to express their inner experience through creating works of art. Yet if we are all emotional beings, why do we live in a world where art and creativity is valued, yet the creative process of feeling our emotions is shamed?

Why do emotions make people so uncomfortable?

Why are we so afraid to express ourselves?

Making Art: For Your Mind, Body and Soul

Art is empowering, it encourages mindfulness, and can teach us that we are capable of healing ourselves.

From a therapeutic perspective, creative expression acts as a bridge between the emotional and communicative centres in our brain, helping process stress, trauma and improve our ability to both calm and regulate the nervous system.

Through the act of storytelling, movement & music, art is also something that connects human beings together on a deeper level, because to appreciate art is to accept the raw expression of one's feelings.

Art & Love

Chuck Klosterman wrote “Art and Love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” The same could be said for every person you’ve crossed paths with on your journey, they are a reflection of you whether you choose to accept them or not.

Creating in itself is a practice of radical acceptance. It requires one to submit to the process of not knowing how something will turn out. "To live a creative life, we must loose our fear of being wrong" Joseph Chilton Pearce.

I like to believe the only evil in this world is fear. It spreads like wildfire. It’s what segregates us by creating conflict within ourselves and with others.

Judgement drives fear. Acceptance drives love.

With that being said, maybe by experiencing genuine human connection, compassion and empathy, through sharing our creations, we can learn to love and accept ourselves for exactly who we are.

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